Are you losing traffic to your ecommerce website? Has the volume of sales drastically reduced or never even taken off, to begin with?

The source of the problem may be the design of your ecommerce website. You may be making some crucial mistakes that might discourage your potential customers from making purchases.

In this article, we will be sharing the 8 biggest ecommerce website mistakes that are negatively impacting your product sales.

8 Biggest Ecommerce Website Mistakes



Ignoring mobile optimization

Studies have shown that over 65% of users of mobile devices bought a product on the internet at least once. Another study has revealed that more than 70% of customers used their smartphones while in physical stores to access product reviews, make comparisons about prices, or check for alternate store locations.


Ignoring mobile optimization

Poor quality product pictures

According to new research on customer preferences conducted by Shopify, over 30% of customers favour websites that have multiple product pictures. Offering poor-quality pictures of your products can quickly turn away prospective customers by making your description look unattractive.

Poor quality product pictures

Not leveraging social proof.

A lot of people digest online reviews, and an incredible 93% of shoppers admit that reviews have an impact on their product choices and purchase decision. Thus, ensure you invite your customers to post reviews, too, whether they are negative or positive. When you encounter negative ones, don’t be combative and argue with your customers. Instead, take note of them. Make some improvements to your products so that you can get better reviews in the long run.

Not maintaining contact with leads and customers

Not maintaining contact with leads and customers.

How often do you send out emails to your customers? If you don’t frequently maintain contact with your customers. Your customer list will grow stale, leading to low sales. Email marketing is central to your ecommerce strategy. So building a relationship with your customer base is important.

A widely ignored ecommerce strategy is SMS marketing. SMS boasts an amazing 98% open rate, making it a very effective marketing channel. The same is true for chatbots and instant messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Whatsapp, as it gives you the opportunity to offer a tailored shopping experience to your customers as they connect and interact with your ecommerce business.

Not leveraging social proof.

Inadequate product descriptions.

Your product description has to enlighten your audience about the importance of your product. This is an opportunity to convince your them to buy your product.

If your product description does not have sufficient information, then you are losing out. You should add how your product will add value to your customer’s lives.

Inadequate product descriptions

Poor Site Search Experience

Have you ever searched for a product on a website and got a search results filled with list of items completely unrelated to your search? It can be very frustrating

Onsite searches have to deliver results based on user behaviour on your eCommerce site in a way that provides them with highly relevant results. Furthermore, customers can use Autocomplete to speed up the process of finding the desired product and avoid having to enter it all in themselves.

The most successful ecommerce websites have incorporated this feature.

Complicated checkout experience;

Your ecommerce conversion rate will decrease if you make it difficult for customers to finalize their purchases. I highly suggest that you also add PayPal as a checkout option.

Studies have shown that PayPal is among the best payment systems for eCommerce. It’s good that not including it as a checkout option can negatively impact your conversion rates. Our experience has shown that adding it to the checkout process typically results in an 18% boost in sales.

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Complicated checkout experience