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Helping clients achieve good results despite competition & the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. We’ll not work with you if we know we can’t get you good results.

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We enjoy adding value to businesses. Every digital marketing service we put together for you will be targeted to your unique need.

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Web Development

Crafting successful digital experiences

SEO Services

Based on Google's Guidlines

Paid Advertising

Based on Google's Guidlines
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FB Advertising

Maximize Reach, Optimize Conversions
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Web Development

In most cases, your website will act as your business door front, your business card, your salesperson, and the first thing your potential client will come to know about your business. If it’s not well presented, with nice balls and whistles, you will lose customers. Here at Advertmetrics, we will help you craft a pleasant and inviting website to give your clients the best user experience possible! Talk to us about your need.


SEO Services

If SEO is done well, based on Google and other Search engines’ organic search guidelines, you will get 1000s of free quality traffic in the long run. We do not make cowboy’s promises. We painstakingly follow these SEO guidelines, plus our years of experience, to get you the best results. To get you started, we have created a free SEO tool for you. Analyze your site for free now!

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Paid Advertising

If you are looking for a quick result, this is the right solution for you. Through paid ads, we can help you place your product or service page on the top of Google or Bing. in front of your targeted audience in a matter of minutes, Also, we will help you choose the right keywords that target the right clients. In 2023 alone, we spent over £1.6($2 million) million Pounds and generated over £6.5($8 million) million pounds in revenue for our clients!
The proof is in the pudding!

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Facebook Ads campaign is a valuable opportunity to reach to reach users of different segments. It can be daunting to fine tune your audience and leser target the audience that matters to your business niche.

This is where we come in. By following Facebook Ads best practices and standards, we will carefully set up your Facebook Ads by targeting and grabbing the attention of the right audience for you.

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We’ve Come a Long Way!

“In the past years, we have had so many good results and honestly, we know what doesn’t work. Now we are well equipped, super competent to serve you better”!

About Advertmetrics Digital

At Advertmetrics Digital, we are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes succeed. We help them surmount their marketing and lead generation challenges through tailored digital marketing approaches and web design services. We are also abreast of the latest digital marketing trends.

Our commitment is to create tangible results that will boost the return on investment and enhance your sales funnel.

Below are reasons why you should work with us:



We have worked in the digital marketing landscape  for over 15 years. Our team has handled web development, SEO & PPC projects for a wide range of businesses. Plus we are growing remarkably year after year. This means our expertise and competence improve in ways that adds value to our clients.

Our Team

We offer our clients knowledgeable digital marketers. They are competent, trustworthy professionals from rich combination of  backgrounds in sales, operations and marketing. You can relax knowing we have the right people, approaches and technology to help you achieve your goals.


We make use of the latest digital marketing technology, software and tools to provide actionable insight  that guides your marketing strategy, track your campaign performance, and optimize for improvements. 


We believe in transparency and in our view, hard work and ethical digital marketing coupled with industry best marketing approaches, are the best ways  to get sustainable results.

We continuously stay abreast of Google’s guideline and inform our clients of changes to ranking algorithm to position their website to derive lasting benefits from Google’s ever-changing updates.

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Free For All

Our Free Services

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We will carry out a free SEO audit of your website and detect common problems and offer reccomendations. 


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Find out why your paid ads aren’t delivering results and areas of improvement and opportunities.


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After web development, we will continue to perform routine maintenance to keep it running optimally. 


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Delivering a Full Suite of digital marketing Services

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Discover Our Agency’s Achievements


We’ve 18 experienced team members

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What Our Clients Say

Customer Reviews

AdvertMetrics has a long history of meeting the expectations of their clients.

AdvertMetrics has been of tremendous assistance to us in a lot of ways. They improved our client acquisition and retention, drive lead generation, and manage our SEO strategy. We have gotten outstanding results for our website.

Gem Outlook

We are pleased with Advert Metric’s services. They have shown a high level of expertise pertaining to their SEO practices, optimization strategy and management.


AdvertMetrics is an agency to work with. This experienced in SEO. They did everything possible to grow my nline presence. Communication has been excellent, pricing has been transparent and we plan to keep working with them!


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FAQ – Common Questions

Why Do I Need SEO for My Business

Search engine optimization is an important aspect of a business’s marketing and sales strategy.

Launching an SEO campaign will improve your web presence and visibility, boost your site traffic and credibility. All these can contribute to your business success.

Can Advertmetrics guarantee me page one rankings

No, we cannot guarantee you a first page ranking and we encourage you to stay away from any SEO agency that claim they can.

Don’t misunderstand us– many of our clients do appear  on first page for their top keywords with our help but it’s not something anybody can  guarantee.

Our guarantee is that our approaches align with best practices and that we deliver quality & sustainable results and use our expertise to improve your rankings as much as possible.

What are your most frequently used SEO techniques?

We utilize a vaeirty of SEO techniques to cater to our client’s need.

We perform website audit, technical SEO, link building, on-page SEO. Then we focus on building quality content, improving authority and many more. 

At the core of what we do is the understanding that customers play the most important role. You should design your website for human before search engines. 

We assess how your website that create the best user experience possible. 

While keywords are important, you have to prioritise search intent. 

What are your prospective customers looking for when they perform a search?

We keep this in mind when optimising website to deliver lasting results.

Is SEO worth it?

Yes, SEO should be seen as an investment where you will get returns in the form of more conversion, traffic and sales. 

We won’t just focus on backlinks or keywords, our aim is to create a user experience that turn your site visitors to return customers.

Then we monitor your site performance through different metrics and optimise where needed to keep the returns flowing in. 


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